Mckay Strength

Martial Strength Instructor

I make the over worked fit, and capable of being their own Hero

We are each responsible for our own well being.

What does that entail?

Your safety and health are intertwined,and we treat it as such.

My practice is more than a self defense company.

We not only make you understand how to act but

when and why.

“Whether it is using technology or putting his body to work with yours,

He exhausts himself finding the best solution for you.

Lamar will meet you at your level and then help you improve “

J. Esquea.

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Martial strength is the ability to gather your resources to conquer your obstacles
— Mckay
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Martial Strength Training







How do you breathe?

What snags are in your movement?

Let us help you learn to recover faster.


The Network

At McKay Strength we partner with some of the best health practitioners in New York to fortify your health and training experience. These are some of the people who make that possible.