Mckay Strength

You have great clear plan for your body,and a lot of dedication

But you may have realized that dedicating the research time and training while sifting through the noise isn’t as easy as you need it to be……

  • Do you struggle to figure out what works for your body?

  • Do you need help surpassing past glories?

  • Are you lost or confused in intergrating your martial arts training ,sports performance and your physique?

  • Does all of the new fitness trendes leave you confused ?

  • Could you use a guide to lead you through the noise ?

I am Lamar Mckay,and Welcome to Mckay Strength .

  • My clients calle me a Martial Strength Instructor.

  • Over the past 20 years I have prepared actors for film and stage.

  • Helped busy profesionals carve out space for themselves in their day

  • Guided my self defense clients to not only understand how to act but when and why.

  • Guided former athlete back to their previous push for excellence

“Whether it is using technology or putting his body to work with yours,

He exhausts himself finding the best solution for you.

Lamar will meet you at your level and then help you improve “

J. Esquea.



Personal Protection Practice

Self defense Training
— Mckay Strength Defense

 Personal Protection Practice

The program teaches you

  • situational awareness

  • conflict resolution,

  • edge, blunt, flexible and improvised weapon.

  • Practical situations and learning to manage your emotional triggers.

  • see opportunities to deescalate conflicts, teaches how to engage violence.

We based our systems on different principles of proven combat systems.

Doce Pares Kali

Sword, stick, knife and improvised weapons based around Doce pares kali you are never unarmed

Get knocked down 7 times stand up eight
Japanese proverb
— Author unknown
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Martial strength is the ability to gather your resources to conquer your obstacles
— Mckay
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Martial Strength Training



How do you breathe?

What snags are in your movement?

Let us help you learn to recover faster.


The Network

At McKay Strength we partner with some of the best health practitioners in New York to fortify your health and training experience. These are some of the people who make that possible.


teaching for 20 years I have helped 100’s of people here are a few