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Self Defense & Personal training

At Mckay strength we create a methodical plan that combines the most effective aspects of various weight training or Martial arts programs to achieve your goals .      

For more tha 17 years we have continued to study traditional and cutting edge techniques to ensure that we have a plan that can adapt to your unique situation.      

Our training  programs will forge your body so that you are stronger, leaner, healthier.You will develop new skills and be far better than yesterday.

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He Who has a why to live can bear almost any how
— Friedrich Nietzsche

McKay Strength inc exists to solve a few Problems:

Q1 What's the best way to defend My self?

Q2 how do i become stronger/a better athlete

Q3 Whats the best method for me to tone my figure

We offer real self defense and strength training.

Our Martial arts program teachs the skills abilities and mindset you will need to win and have tested every skill. Our methods have real  world application and we will work to mold your personal defense skills.

The strength  program is dedicated to developing the mental and physical skills needed for living the life you want to whether that is to be a better athlete, achieve that ideal physique or regain some of the strength aging has robbed you of.  Strength conditioning will help.
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Become stronger, perform better,be fit to thrive: Cross training, post rehab, HIIT, Powerlifting, Club bells,Kettle bells




Self defense and  Martial arts training that has roots in boxing, kickboxing,win chun,stick fighting, and grappling

Get knocked down 7 times stand up 8
— Japanese Proverb
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 As a Dancer I find his knowledge invaluable.

Lamar's approach is systematic,integrative, and multidiciplinary.

Once you start working with Lamar,you will wonder why you chose to invest your time and money with anyone else.