Welcome to Mckay Strength Inc

Mckay Strength inc is a Private Strength & Fight training company that

focuses on skills which work in the gym,on the mat,and in the

street. We always have a training goal but the focus is on who you are and what you need every session that we meet.

we develop your strength in both body and mind.

Strength Training

Strength Training

The center of being fit is strength.There are many routes to developing the physique and strength for your needs,we are not locked in only one format. 

Holistic  Self Defense

Holistic  Self Defense

Develop striking and grappling and improvised tools that work in the street,learning not only technique but how and when to apply that skill 

Body Weight  strebgth ,agility & Recovery 

Body Weight  strebgth ,agility & Recovery 

Life some times hurts,we smooth out the snaggs in your movement.We teach you flow with your body as the tool

He who has a why can bear almost any how provided he has an opportunity for it
— Fredriche Nietztsche


                   Lamar Mckay                           Dr. Alicia Armitstead                         Dr  Nathalie Giulame            Mariina Samovic        Justin Walker

Self Defence/strength/recovery             Chiropractic /Nutrition                           Accupuncture                  Yoga                       Boxing


Get knocked down 7 times stand up 8
— Japanese Proverb