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Coach Justin W



My enthusiasm, passion and inspiration to be fitness coach stems from my lifelong dedication to athletics and various forms of martial arts including wrestling, boxing and kung-fu. As a youth instructor at the Martial Way Center of NYC, I developed a passion for teaching and helping others that has grown into a great career. These specialties and experiences also allow me to develop challenging and exciting group fitness classes ranging from bootcamps, boxing and indoor cycling. My desire to help other grow and achieve results in their fitness journey leads me to build safedynamicadaptable and FUN training programs for my clients. 

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Flex healing reiki


Flexhealing is a unique technique which combines components of stretching and Thai massage.
It is performed on a massage table with proprietary set of straps.
Muscles are isolated and they reach the point of flexibility in a 60 minutes session.
Great technique for someone who suffers from lower back pain, limited range of motion and decreased blood circulation connect

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Network: Dr Alicia Armitstead


Our professionals know that true health requires both the education of our patients in a safe environment, while also providing the necessary individualized integrative care. 

We understand that many people find us after a long journey of chronic conditions and failed attempts at permanent relief. Our aim stays simple: support our patients with the necessary services to provide the joy of true health. 


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Dr Nathalie G



She has extensively researched the therapeutic benefits of medical qigong in chronic back pain under the mentorship of

Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun in addition to her studies in somatic movement therapy with Sondra Fraleigh.

She is the CEO and Medical Director of Healing Happy Hour, an Acupuncture and Asian Medical Spa located in the Bronx. For details log on

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