You are your first line of defense

                                                                                                  You are your first line of defense



  • Recognize Potential Threats
  • Prepare for Dangerous Situations
  • Disarm Your Opponent


My fight training program differs from other self-defense courses. My program teaches you to see opportunites to desculate conflicts, options on how to engage violence,and several means to deliver an attack.We based our systems on different principles of proven Combat systems. We not only follow what has worked from various Martial Arts but test and retest our results . Coupled with my own experience, we  study surveillance to teach you to protect yourself.



At McKay Strength, we have been training, teaching, and applying martial arts for decades.  We have developed these skills in martial arts studios, dojos, fitness gyms and the security industry. 

Call for training: 646-504-2845

Once you start working with Lamar, you will wonder why you chose to invest your time and money with anyone else."
- Maria Castillo