Civilian Combat Training
— Mckay Strength INC

Self defense


My program teaches you to see opportunities to deescalate conflicts, and teaches how to engage violence.We based our systems on different principles of proven combat systems. We have developed these skills in martial arts studios, dojos, fitness gyms and the security industry. We not only follow what has worked from various martial arts but test and retest  and continue to study as we  teach you to protect yourself.


Weapons training


Sword,stick, knife ,pole, karambit shield we use the skills learned form Doce pares Kali,, TruKrav maga,and saber fencing  to teach you how best to never leave yourself unarmed


Sport Boxing

My program teaches you sport boxing  combined with some drills from kicking based striking sports we teach you to protect yourself.

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Get knocked down 7 times stand up eight
Japanese proverb
— Author unknown
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