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The best way to find out about someones ability is to experience their skill first hand. The second is to ask the opinion of those who have experienced their work.

I have made my students stronger (losing weight/becoming better athletes) and safer( fight training/self defense) Since  1999




Lamar is the creator and owner of McKay Strength Inc. For over 20 years he has been training everyone from Executives to Athletes. He continues to study and refine himself in various aspects of physical culture that will inform every session he provides. Lamar’s long time training goal is to be ready when he is called on.


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I am certified in several martial arts and fitness training techniques. These include ACE (American Council of Exercise), AFFA (Aerobics and Fitness Federation of America), EFTI (Equinox Fitness Training Institute), Speed/Power Training, Functional Movement Screen Protocol, corrective  exercise protocols   with  the  Brookbush Institute, Chinese  Style Olympic  Weightlifting from Ma Strength, Studied  self -defense  with  Maestro defense systems ,Marcia Kali, Active self-defense & Competitive Athletic Conditioning.Trx certified In the arena of Kettlebell & Club bell training and I've been recognized as an instructor in RKC/ Kettlebell Concepts, Gyra Sport, IKFF (International Kettlebell Foundation) and Circular Strength Training.

I am also a lifetime athlete with training in various martial arts disciplines (Boxing, Wing Chun, Goju ryu karate), as well as gymnastics, track (200 meter dash, 400 meter dash), field events (100 meter hurdles), American Football and competed in multiple Tough Mudder & Civilian Military Combine races. I am ranked as a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Marcos Santos .I have experience with traditional  throwing  weapons ,traditional Projectile weapons Archery  both  a recurve bow and longbow, My Swordsmanship background long  sword Kendo, Saber, Filipino Martial Arts.( Arnis,Kali).Most recently I joined  the armoured combat League and began training in medieval Combat Fighting with full armor I am studing Krav Maga under the TruKrav system and Doce pareces escrima.


Maria C.

 I can tell you that once you start working with Lamar,you will wonder why you choose to invest your time and money with anyone else.


Dr. S Mody

Lamar's approach is systemic intergrative and multidiciplinary. He has a great depth of knowledge and has been able to educate me as aPhysician.

Sergant  E.Oliva

Sergeant Eugenio Oliva USMC

I already dropped 110lbs using what I learned with Lamar I'm even back in my uniform.


Dr. Viveck Moitra

Lamar customized my workouts based on my needs and desires.I highly recommend him if you want results.


Dashon Wiliford

I trained with Lamar 6 years ago,and got into the best shape of my life.I tried other trainers after I left Lamar and got major injuries each time.Lesson learned going for cheaper doesnt equal better.If you want results go to Lamar


Adam-jon fiorentino

I have greater cardio sustain fewer injuries,and am stronger than ever as a Dancer I find his knowledge invaluable

Oje i b/E

Oje I.

He is thoughtful and always prepared.  He listens to your goals and then sets out a program that gets you to where you want to be.


Nadia Hussain

I have to say it was a lot of hard work no B.S. he pushed me beyond my limits, which ultimately gave me the lean physique and Athletic endurance I was looking for. His programs were always interesting and challenging. I have no doubt you will be pleased working with him.


Amber fox

with Lamar’s expertise in exercise I dropped 22lbs


Jason leaf

I’ve been working with Lamar for a while now my strength and overall fitness are better. He is not in it for just a quick buck


Justin Yagerman

Lamar is Pragmatic,emphaizisng teaching habits that can help you to socialize and continue progress. I appreciate his motivational and friendly behavior


Joe Guerra

I was recommended to Lamar by my previous trainer although my work commitments make consistently training a challenge he has constantly helped me make gains after 60.


Laura Y.

I’ve worked with Lamar in boot camp, individually and 2-1 with my husband ,he shines in all areas. He is a health mixture of support (without being a pushover), a coach (without being overbearing),and a great motivator.


Ron lense

As a competitive tennis Player I find his attention to detail necessary to extend my play on and off the court


Jean Fitzgerald

Lamar has a deep understanding of anatomy that helps him to work with my injuries

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Crista Barnes

I have tried many different workouts with and without a trainer in the most basic to the most high end gyms and highly recommend Lamar to achieve your goals

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Michelle Castillo

McKay mixes up the different routines and exercises so it never gets boring. He's also great at working around your schedule, so you'll never have an excuse to skip out on a session. But most of all, he's great at getting to know your strengths and weaknesses and pushing you to do your best while still keeping the entire experience fun. 

Pedro l.jpg

Pedro lichtenger

His training eliminated my back pain and drastically improved my quality of life, my waist dropped from 36 to 33.He adapts to my evolving needs