I am not a warrior

For the record I am not a warrior.I am a martial artist.

I study violence,trama, but to be clear its all in attempt to avoid hurting people. 
At best I am a fighter practicing a system of fighting to not end life.

At worst I'm a grown ass man fighting other grown ass people for fun.
Martial is defined as relating to war
Art is defined by Webster as. something that expresses important ideas,that is created with imagination and skill.



: a person engaged or experienced in warfare; broadly : a person engaged in some struggle or conflict poverty warriors

The specific definition of Warrior is a person a person engaged in or experienced in warfare.
People who fit this title soliders,private security contractors,assains, terrorists,rebels

I will add to this tactics tools and mission goals are of importance.

Martial arts. Martial arts are codified systems and traditions of combat practices, which are practiced for a number of reasons: as self-defense, military and law enforcement applications, mental and spiritual development; as well as entertainment and the preservation of a nation's intangible cultural heritage.

         *all rely on an accumulation of  technical proficiency*
One thing is certain martial artist are experts in there range of violence.

I' ll simplifi this 3 categories for Martial artist

1) )hard style traditional martial artist
   can  be injury prone from training
"Old School"
(considered The price of training)
Stop just short of intended traumatic injury
seldom ever apply skill out side of practice
maybe experts at the theory and application of a system  but arent typically tested to the totality of it leaving a question mark to its validity

2)sports martial artist
competitive. fighters
Pro and down
speacilist  at tactics to over power an opponent,out last, or exploit an opponents weakness,but compared to the goal is to win while not ending the life of your adversary.

3)Fitness  martial arts
spiritual development
   only train light
    doing it for cardio
   lets Just flow
   lets just have fun with martial arts
    the cardio version of any fight system that deemphasis skill in favor of jumping about( essentially took the teeth/venom from the snake.)
    May have been either above catogory or neither
Maybe or feel too old to train intensly

Be honest where fo you fall in this space?

warriors are different,particularly for those who see active combat duty.

These men and women experience violence or trama in a manner that is   unique to combat situations.

Manging the effects of that trama requires a  strong support system. But hell thats a whole other rant.
Ask the spouse kids family friends about the fun of living a life with  a loved one who is a warrior before you drop your hyperbolic statement comparing your yoga class,burpee medley, or yelling session.

Adapt or Conquer

Lamar Mckay