Eat up


One of the major points that all diets Progams  fail is they often exist in a bubble, fail to account for the varying caloric needs of individuals,or the sensitivities of the numerous people who may sample there programs. Over the past few decades there has been arise in the in the waistlines of far too many Americans.

Alongside that the growing cases of food sensitivities and allergic reactions to foods.  Which Have left physically active people looking out of peak condition and performing in a less than optimal capacity

Men and Woman who have an intense well executed training Program but remain overweight or sluggish and find it very difficult to focus during the routine.

Food Sensitivities are present when you have a problem digesting food or food combinations symptoms can  range from swelling , indigestion, bloating, and multiple other negative side effects

What’s the point of all this info? You have to understand your body and understand your relationship with food.

Every week it seems there a “Brilliant” “Earth Shattering, Revolutionary Diet, with the ability to set the world on fire.I am going to add my own revolutionary Idea to this oversaturated market. My Proposal is (wait for it) …… “Eat real food”

What is real food?

Real food for my understanding is a food source that was recently full of live organisms.

When making your food choices your best option is Home grown the next option is locally produce food source. The third option is farm raised food sources. Organically grown is the fourth tier quality.  Grocery store is fifth on the list. The bottom of the list is canned foods.* notice this as quality of food list.

Your mission is to eat the the best  quality food available.To fulfill your  energy needs spread to fulfill  your energy needs.

All foods are digested at a different rate so your final step is to have your protein  and fat course first then 20 minutes later have your  carbohydrates and your starches.

Lamar Mckay