Martial arts is my path because


On every continent in every era during the first moments of life people apply self defense.

We scream,YOur born in kick and punch until we are consoled in our mothers arms. Your born into a world in which we learn the rights and wants of the individual,your particular cultural norms,the promise of a civilized society,and the safe guards of our laws. out of this stew of often conflicting ideals you learn how togrow and adapt in the world. 

One part of us longs for the idealistic utopia of complete civilization.Where there is no true physical conflict and everyone  dances on rainbows through life.Another part of us loves the freedom to do what ever your imagination concieves and your heart desires.As I have study and taught fighting ,the primary question has always been why?

When the idealistic peace doesn't  happen understanding how to confront conflict is abolutely essential. This is why I study and teach Martial arts.You can apply Conflict resolution skills verbally(negotiating,debating) or phsicaly. Physical we tend to refer to it as fighting  be it in the Military,sport or for  personal protection. 

I see things a bit differently. If our first act once we encounter the world is to scream and fight,then the rest of our existence we have the right to protect that fragile gift of life.Survival is our instinct so we should embrace those measures to prolong our existance, so we can also enjoy our lives

Lamar Mckay