"Change what you cannot abide"

  Training Programs —

These are fully developed routines.Each program has a specific physical goal and is time focused.  In order for me to guarantee your success, I require your dedication to the process.

Deadlift warmup

—  Strength   Training—

Barbell. kettle bell, body weight, these are just  means to get you stronger

Be the strongest you that exists. We are working to increase  the ability endurance,and efficiency of  muscles


           Change your shape, adjust your eating habits .The goal is improving . Be it in the gym or on the field of play.

      We smooth out the snags in your movement.  Applying movement screen techniques,dynamic mobility work,                                                                                                            recovery protocols.


Mckay Strength is a personal training company.We offer strength training.For those people struggling to lose weight,become stronger,or get healthier we lead you there.  I've spent nearly 20 years helping people to achieve greater goals .You can continue to go it alone.But This is a great opportunity  for me to help you.

 " Not only am I a whiner but I ask a million questions. ( I know you are wishing I was your client right about now.) 'Why do I need to do this?' What is this really helping? Let me tell you, after someone answers all of your silly questions with real answers...you learn to just shut up and do the work." 

Deanna Forbes 

Let's speak so that I may understand how best to help you and support your goal.        

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Self defence coaching

— Defense Training—

Self-dense is a part of the human condition.It is not only your right but your responsibility.We focus on working with your instincts to sharpen your skills

                                                                                                 Krav- Kali

     My self-defense course is based on principles from Krav Maga, doce Pares fma , personal experience, closed circuit video footage, constant stress testing, and local laws. You are never without an opportunity to thrive.

Allow Me to share with with you the skills that I have honed at Equinox gym,David Barton gym,and The UFC gym company. We focus on training your responses to threats large and small .We use tools and skill to show you how to  pummel,trap,puncture,slash cut and thrive


Learn:   to face fear

adapt to threats

    conquer your weak points

At McKay Strength, we have been training, teaching, and applying martial arts for decades. We have developed these skills in martial arts studios, dojos, fitness gyms and the security industry throughout the east coast.

You’re out-manned, out-gunned. The reality is there is no referee, there are no time limits, and the encounter won't be fair. So with that on the table,you are not a victim. We begin with where you are and teach you what you need to know in real world self - defense scenarios.

 "Coach Mckay' takes the time to get to know your personality as well as your strengths and weaknesses. His holistic approach is unlike any other trainer I've ever worked with. He truly makes each visit worthwhile."

Maria Castillo               

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