Our Martial arts training  focusing on self defense training and  reality based Martial arts. We use traditional and innovative  drillsin 1-1 ,couples training and group classes in our high intensity classes.to keep exercise useful as well as fun

  Training —


—  Strength   Training—

(Phase I)

The center of being fit is strength

Pushing weight to be the Strongest you that exists builds the strength, we are working to increase  the ability  endurance, and efficency of  muscles. 


Cross training  (Phase II)

The goal is improving overall performance. It takes advantage of the particular effectiveness of one training method to negate the shortcomings of another.cross-training aims to eliminate this imbalance. 

Body flow :Phase (III)

At Mckay strength we smooth out the snaggs in your movement.We have gained  experience from bodyweigt based training systems. I have studied systems that include martial arts movement,circular strength training and gymnastic movements. I applying functional movement screen techniques,dynamic mobility work, recovery protocols and using these techniques have helped various clients through their post rehab journey.




We teach a syllabus where you can enter at Self-defense, weapons training or Combat sports. (Phase I)


Self-defense we combine traditional

 Martial arts and TruKrav maga with your unique assets. We accelerate the speed of your skill development by using this format



Edge and Flexible weapons (Phase II)

My program isbased in Doce pareces kali and a half doezn other weapons based martial arts systems.

You are never unarmed join me to become skilled

Boxing/kickboxing (Phase III)

stand-up combat sports based on kickingpunching trapping and evasion roots in:

Boxing ,wing chun ,Karate,Thai Boxing

I have taught  boxing,Kickboxing for Equinox gym,and David Barton gym. Boxing Kickboxing and Mma for the UFC gym company

—  Training Packages —


 1 session 160

1 Month  $145 x 10

3 Months  $135 x 30