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Mckay Strength Inc.

Mckay Strength inc is a Strength training and self-defence training company.       We get you fit or teach you to fight

  -become  Fit,stronger, faster,healthier and hard to conquer.

                                                     McKay Strength is a personal training company.

He Who has a why to live can bear almost any how
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Once you start working with Lamar,you will wonder why you chose to invest your time and money with anyone else.

Loved the results


Our Programs focus on making your body lean by increasing your strength or athletic ability .

We teaching not only how to fight or to survive violence but how to resolve conflicts.

we offer onsite group training,couples programs and one to one coaching




Self defense & Strength  training

Kettle bell push press,Mckay strength kbpress






Get knocked down 7 times stand up 8
— Japanese Proverb
Round house Kick,Mckay strength inc Personal training